Supporting Your Pet During Surgery

Throughout your pet’s life, there may be instances when surgery is the appropriate choice to support his or her overall health. At Shelden Vet, we strive to make this experience as soothing as possible for you and your pet. Schedule an appointment with your Louisville veterinarian today.

What to Expect


Our staff is trained extensively in the use of anesthesia and surgical protocol, and ensuring the safety and comfort of your pet is our top priority. As part of the pre-surgery preparation (PDF), we will review the entire process with you from start to finish. This is our opportunity to answer questions and explain the details of the procedure. This is also when we perform the necessary pre-surgical blood work on your cat or dog. Post-surgery, we provide peace of mind by calling you as soon as your pet has woken up and informing you of their condition.

Pain Management

Identifying pain is a core function of our veterinary team, and we work to respond quickly and effectively to your pet’s situation. Although our stitches are placed under the skin so as to minimize discomfort, your cat or dog will also likely require a post-surgery pain management plan. We generally provide three days of pain medication for dogs at home; cats usually receive medication for their pain at the hospital. For all pets, we recommend you limit their activity and slowly reintroduce them to their normal diet. Because every situation is unique, you will also be provided a comprehensive set of instructions on how to care for your pet post-surgery.

Spaying or Neutering Your Pet

When discussing ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies, our team is happy to discuss the pros and cons of spaying and neutering (PDF). In general, sterilization can reduce the occurrence of undesirable behaviors and will protect your cat or dog against future health problems. It’s also helpful to understand the female heat cycle (PDF) when considering spaying or neutering your pet. At Shelden Vet, you can trust us to make educated recommendations that fit your lifestyle. Whether you decide to breed your cat or dog or spay or neuter your pet, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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