Get Smart About Caring for Your Pet

At Shelden Veterinary Care, we work to ensure the health of a pet in his or her entirety, and a vital piece of this approach is keeping pet owners educated and informed. Therefore, a standard component of our treatment plans is providing you with a complete set of at-home instructions following any diagnosis or procedure.

Dog learning math

Online Resources

For general pet owner education, we offer a collection of handouts written by Dr. Shelden that cover a range of topics from litter box training to pet allergies.

In addition, the staff at Shelden Vet encourages you to visit the following websites, which house a wealth of information regarding pet care:

The team at Shelden Vet is dedicated to you and your pet, and our superior level of service is achieved, in part, by connecting you with the right information. Never hesitate to contact us with any specific questions you have about the health of your cat or dog.