Nothing Spooky About Safety: Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween

pet safe on halloweenAt its core, Halloween is a time for carving pumpkins, decorating the yard with witches and ghouls, and figuring out a costume that will win this year’s grand prize. Whether you plan on dressing your pet up for some trick-or-treating or staying indoors and passing out handfuls of sugary treats, your pet’s safety should be at the top of this season’s to-do list.


How to Help Noise Anxiety in Dogs

Noise anxiety in dogs is quite common, affecting about one-third of all companion canines in the United States. From fireworks to thunderstorms, spring and summer are often the worst times for our noise averse pets. Fortunately, helping them to better cope is something we at Shelden Veterinary Care take very seriously.

noise anxietyOn the surface, a bit of noise anxiety or fear may not seem like that big of a deal. After all, the family cat is terrified of the vacuum and usually just finds a place to hide when the “dreaded machine” comes out. In actuality, noise aversion can pose many problems to health, safety, and general well-being.