Give Me a “P!” Understanding Pet Urinary Problems

pet urinary problemsAs your pet’s doctor, we can learn a whole lot about your pet’s overall health status by examining things like blood, urine, and feces. In fact, at Shelden Veterinary Care, we find that pet urinary problems are one of the most common reasons we see pets outside of wellness visits. Keep reading, and you, too, can be a pet pee expert!


Four-Legged Mourning: Coping With Pet Grief

pet griefLosing a loved one tops the list of the most devastating experiences we can have, and, for many people, the loss of a pet can be just as painful. However, have you ever considered the impact losing a pet can have on surviving pet family members?

To anyone who’s ever shared their life with a pet, it probably comes as no surprise  that animals experience complex emotions. We may not be able to sit down and talk with them about their sadness, but there are plenty of ways we can help them work through pet grief and be able to enjoy life once again.

Do Animals Mourn?

There’s plenty of evidence documenting mourning in animals. Elephants are known to congregate around the body of a deceased family member. Chimpanzees often exhibit behavioral changes in response to loss, including anger, depression, and refusal to eat.


Help Your Pet Adjust to a New Baby at Home

pet adjustThe highly keen senses belonging to your pet have likely keyed him or her into the mystery that is pregnancy, and it’s not just the shrinking floor space (or cuddle room next to a growing belly). Sure, there are new contraptions to contend with (cribs, swings, pack ‘n plays, etc.), but it can be a challenge to truly prepare a pet for the sight, sounds, and smells of a new baby.


How to Help Noise Anxiety in Dogs

Noise anxiety in dogs is quite common, affecting about one-third of all companion canines in the United States. From fireworks to thunderstorms, spring and summer are often the worst times for our noise averse pets. Fortunately, helping them to better cope is something we at Shelden Veterinary Care take very seriously.

noise anxietyOn the surface, a bit of noise anxiety or fear may not seem like that big of a deal. After all, the family cat is terrified of the vacuum and usually just finds a place to hide when the “dreaded machine” comes out. In actuality, noise aversion can pose many problems to health, safety, and general well-being.


How Much Do You Know About Heartworm Disease?

heartworm diseaseBy now, most people are aware of the potential for catching a disease from a mosquito bite. Malaria, West Nile virus, and the rapidly spreading Zika virus all come to mind as reasons to do whatever we can to protect ourselves from mosquito bites.

Pets, too, can suffer from mosquito-borne illnesses. Although heartworm disease is arguably the most dangerous infection a pet can pick up from a mosquito, many pet owners are unaware of the risks.


Vaccinations for Indoor Pets: Is It Really Necessary?

Indoor Pets“Why does my pet need to be vaccinated if he or she never goes outside?” It’s a common question among the owners of indoor-only pets asks veterinarians.

Although it may seem as though vaccinations for indoor pets are a waste of money, the reality is that being inside does not eliminate your pet’s exposure to infectious disease. Keeping your pet’s vaccinations current is an important part of his or her health care plan.


Keeping Your Guard Up When It Comes to Kidney Disease in Cats

Cats can be pretty tough cookies, but when it comes to kidney disease they tend to experience more than their fair share. Veterinarians diagnose chronic kidney disease in cats far too often, and one that all pet owners should be aware of. Early diagnosis of this condition can make a big difference in the quality and length of life in our feline friends. Cats are masters of masking illness – so it’s up to the owners to notice changes and make annual vet visits.


The Incredible Benefits of Laser Therapy for Pets

After a pet undergoes surgery or is recovering from an injury, a loving pet owner will want to make sure there is minimal pain and a quick recovery. That’s also our goal at Shelden Veterinary Care. Thanks to K-Laser therapy for pets, we have an effective and safe way to promote healing for our pet patients and to get them back on their paws and feeling great.


Winter Danger: Understanding and Preventing Hypothermia in Pets

Young golden retriever sitting at the snowWhether you love the season or are counting the days until summer, winter definitely presents some unique challenges. For pet owners, this includes keeping your pet warm, dry, and in good health.

Although we’ve had some pretty mild daytime temps here in Louisville, pet winter safety remains essential. One component of this is learning how to prevent hypothermia in pets, as well as recognizing the signs that your pet may be in danger.


The Top Five Pet Care Blogs Of The Year

iStock_000002122474_LargeIt’s no secret that we care deeply about your pet’s health. To reach all of Louisville’s pet owners, we’d go as far as shouting the best ways to boost animal well being from the top of 400 West Market – but the internet proves to be far more effective. Indeed, our monthly blog specifically designed for you, seeks to deliver timely, relevant, and meaningful information. From parasite prevention to dental care, disease prevention to age-related issues, we are lucky to have a growing set of readers that let us know what they find the most interesting throughout the year.

In case you missed them the first time around, your caring team at Shelden Veterinary Care offer the Top Five Pet Care Blogs of 2016.