pet safe on halloweenAt its core, Halloween is a time for carving pumpkins, decorating the yard with witches and ghouls, and figuring out a costume that will win this year’s grand prize. Whether you plan on dressing your pet up for some trick-or-treating or staying indoors and passing out handfuls of sugary treats, your pet’s safety should be at the top of this season’s to-do list.

Most of us enjoy a little spooky surprise on Halloween, but you never want the spooky to involve your pet’s health and safety. Your friendly ghosts and goblins at Shelden Veterinary Care want to help you keep your pet safe and create the greatest Halloween ever!

Creepy Candy

One of the biggest threats to any pet’s health is toxicity. Many favorite Halloween candies and treats are the worst offenders when it comes to pet emergencies. Accidental poisoning is at an all-time high around the holidays, including Halloween. And it isn’t just a wee trick-or-treater’s stash of sweets you have to watch out for. There are many adult desserts and alcoholic brews that can be a risk to an unsupervised pet.

Keep your pet away from these toxic treats:

  • Chocolate, including baker’s chocolate and hot chocolate
  • Macadamia nuts
  • Grapes and raisins
  • Alcohol and caffeine
  • Candy or snacks containing Xylitol

We also advise you to watch your dog while walking, since you can often find discarded candies along the sidewalks and yards.

If you have a party, keep floors and low lying areas free from anything that might appeal to your pet (and when it comes to your dog, this includes just about anything).

Frightful Foliage and Dreadful Décor

Lit pumpkins make a delightful scene, as well as candles around the Halloween hearth. For curious whiskers, this can result in burns or other accidents. Opt instead for battery powered candles and solar lights for the outdoors. Glow sticks and jewelry are toxic to pets, so avoid these items as well.

Speaking of toxicity, certain seasonal flowers and plants can be poisonous when ingested. Check the list of ASPCA’s toxic plants before bringing any foliage inside. This goes for fake plants, cobwebs and small decorations like plastic spiders, goblins and gel-window deals – all of these items can easily become a choking or foreign body hazard.

Ghostly Get-Up

Thinking about dressing your pet up this holiday? We understand just how adorable your pal will be, but be sure the costume you choose isn’t just about those awesome Instagram shots; it should be more about your pet’s comfort and fun. Some pets love the attention and don’t mind donning that ridiculous hot dog or sushi outfit, but an unhappy pet isn’t what Halloween is all about.

Keep in mind that any costume should be well fitting, should not cover the eyes or mouth, and does not restrict movement. Also remove any small bits or buttons that can be swallowed.

Keep Your Pet Safe This Halloween

Many pets find doorbells and other loud noises scary, and this may create stress or even an opportunity for escape (we highly recommend microchipping all pets). If your pet is prone to anxiety, find a quiet, secure place for them to be during trick-or-treat time. You can even give them their own special Halloween with homemade pet treats.

Keeping your furry goblin protected doesn’t have to be challenging. With a little planning and a lot of pet-safe fun, we’re sure your Halloween will come off without any spooks or spills. For more tips, please call our team.

Happy Halloween to you and your best friend!