Safe and Reliable: Why Microchipping Your Pet is Spot-On

Orange tabby kitten in a treeEvery pet owner wants to do everything they can to safeguard their pet’s health and wellness, but like everything in life, there are some things we can’t control. Pets and their people never intend to become separated, but it happens more often than you think. Even though you can’t entirely prevent this from happening, there’s something you can do to increase the chances of being reunited. Microchipping your pet is one of the easiest precautions to take, and we can help!

Homeward Bound

Animals can miraculously find their way home after wandering too far, but sometimes, events can drastically alter their journey. For instance, if a pet is found walking around unattended, they’re most likely going to be picked up by a good Samaritan, police officer, or animal control.

Sometimes, pets are simply adopted again by individuals who chanced upon them (a collar with ID tags can be removed and forgotten about). However, if an animal is brought to a vet or a shelter, they’ll be scanned to see if they’re microchipped. Continue…

Load ‘Em Up: The In’s and Out’s of Traveling with Pets

Traveling with pets can be a fun way to bond with pets.The arrival of the summer has many families looking forward to the excitement that this year’s travel season holds. Whether the destination is a beach, the mountains, the big city, or something more exotic, more and more people are bringing their pets along for the ride. The growing acceptance and enjoyment of pets in our modern society makes traveling with pets easier than ever, but there are still plenty of precautions pet owners need to be aware of.

Before you hit the road or skies with your four-legged travelå buddy, check out our ideas for safe and harmonious travel with pets.

Traveling with Pets

Your pet is a part of your family, and it can be hard to imagine leaving them behind while everyone else goes off on an adventure. Not all pets are good candidates for travel companions, however, so take the following into consideration before booking that pet friendly suite: Continue…

AAHA Accreditation Means a Higher Standard of Veterinary Care

AAHA Accreditation Means a Higher Standard of Veterinary CareAt Shelden Veterinary Care, we work tirelessly to provide the gold standard of veterinary care and exceptional service to our furry patients and their families. One of the ways we do this is through our accreditation from the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), which sets the benchmark for veterinary medicine and its operations.

We’re proud of our AAHA accreditation, knowing only 15% of all veterinary clinics throughout North America have earned this prestigious honor. Let’s take a closer look at these rigorous standards and how they benefit our pet families.

What is AAHA?

The American Animal Hospital Association is the only organization dedicated to evaluating and setting standards of care for veterinary practices in the United States and Canada. Created in 1993, AAHA has established criteria in over 900 areas of veterinary care for companion animals. Continue…

Fear Free for 2018: What is a Fear Free Practice?  

fear-free practiceAt Shelden Veterinary Care, we’re embarking on a new and exciting path. We’ve always been conscientious about your pet’s happiness and well being, both at home and at our practice. Recently, however, the Fear Free initiative has come to our attention, and we’re hooked on the idea.

You may have heard of Dr. Marty Becker “America’s Veterinarian,” who’s the founder of this movement. But chances are, the term “fear free practice” is new to you. We’re so excited to begin this endeavor – let’s review!


Shelden Veterinary Care’s Top 5 Blogs of 2017

Wait; what?!? Wasn’t it just Halloween? The days go by so quickly towards the end of the year; it’s like experiencing a type of seasonal whiplash! If only time moved this fast when you’re standing in line at the DMV or waiting for your food at a restaurant – oh well! All we can do at this point is take a deep breath and pause. Of course, we prepare for the future, but to be truly successful in 2018, we have to take stock of our accomplishments before the year ends.

After reviewing our pet care blog, we have so much for which to be grateful. Our readers let us know what they liked and what they want to see next. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 articles from our pet care blog. Enjoy!


How to Help Your Local Shelter This Holiday Season

The holidays aren’t just for humans; there are many ways to help pets in need this season. Our local animal shelters are a great place to start. By volunteering, donating, or fostering, you can make it a wonderful life for pets in need this year. Our team at Shelden Veterinary Care has compiled these ideas for how to help your local shelter this holiday season.