Safe and Reliable: Why Microchipping Your Pet is Spot-On

Orange tabby kitten in a treeEvery pet owner wants to do everything they can to safeguard their pet’s health and wellness, but like everything in life, there are some things we can’t control. Pets and their people never intend to become separated, but it happens more often than you think. Even though you can’t entirely prevent this from happening, there’s something you can do to increase the chances of being reunited. Microchipping your pet is one of the easiest precautions to take, and we can help!

Homeward Bound

Animals can miraculously find their way home after wandering too far, but sometimes, events can drastically alter their journey. For instance, if a pet is found walking around unattended, they’re most likely going to be picked up by a good Samaritan, police officer, or animal control.

Sometimes, pets are simply adopted again by individuals who chanced upon them (a collar with ID tags can be removed and forgotten about). However, if an animal is brought to a vet or a shelter, they’ll be scanned to see if they’re microchipped. Continue…

Keeping Your Guard Up When It Comes to Kidney Disease in Cats

Cats can be pretty tough cookies, but when it comes to kidney disease they tend to experience more than their fair share. Veterinarians diagnose chronic kidney disease in cats far too often, and one that all pet owners should be aware of. Early diagnosis of this condition can make a big difference in the quality and length of life in our feline friends. Cats are masters of masking illness – so it’s up to the owners to notice changes and make annual vet visits.


The Grand Scheme: Why Your Cat’s Wellness Exams Matter

Cat Exam_iStock_000055731864_LargeKeeping your own regularly scheduled health appointments isn’t necessarily about proving you’re worthy of commitments, the owner of a strong will, or keeper of a resilient memory (although, it does feel pretty good to have excellent recall and follow-through). Instead, keeping up those physical exams is about maintenance.

We all invest in a little maintenance now and again, lest we aim to neglect our health, appearance, or quality of life – and, incidentally, the same holds true for your feline. Your cat’s wellness exams are designed to preserve Fluffy’s health, but are regular appointments worth it? Continue…

Successful Transitions for a Cat that Hates Change

Billings_Leon_iStock_000057478694_LargeConvincing your cat that change is good might be the lamest thing he or she has ever heard (cue the feline vs. human staring contest). All kidding aside, nearly all felines are devoted to territory and routine, which means moving to a new home or introducing a new cat to your home can result in a serious battle of wills.

For a cat that hates change, we’ve provided some tips to facilitate a smooth, positive transition. We hope the result is success (or at least acceptance) in your whole household. Continue…

Calm Kitty: Preparing Your Cat for a Visit to the Vet

Shelden_iStock_000008678435_LargeIt’s that time of year again – your cat’s annual wellness exam. Maybe you recall last year’s cat carrier limbo and the battle scar scratches. Or, maybe you are like 60% of car guardians who fear taking their cats to the vet (or anywhere, for that matter) altogether. Unfortunately, this trepidation in cat travel often results in many cats not receiving the veterinary care they need for a long, healthy life.

Since cat owners want the same quality of life for their cats as dog lovers do for their dogs, it’s imperative to address some of the barriers that prevent cats from getting consistent veterinary attention. Continue…

Stress-Free Carrier-Training for Cats

While the phrase “herding cats” may spring to mind at the very thought; carrier-training your feline isn’t as hard as it sounds. Cats are highly intelligent, and with a little patience (both yours and theirs) your kitty will soon be happily hanging out in his or her carrier – especially if he or she thinks the idea was his or her’s in the first place…!

Reward, Reward, Reward!

The key to training cats, as well as anybody and anything else (including children, spouses, chickens, bosses, etc.), is to break down a large goal into smaller steps. Once this is done, you take each step slowly, offer lots of encouragement, and then dole out a much-deserved reward when your trainee performs the desired task.

Trust us, this works (almost) every time. Continue…