Give Me a “P!” Understanding Pet Urinary Problems

pet urinary problemsAs your pet’s doctor, we can learn a whole lot about your pet’s overall health status by examining things like blood, urine, and feces. In fact, at Shelden Veterinary Care, we find that pet urinary problems are one of the most common reasons we see pets outside of wellness visits. Keep reading, and you, too, can be a pet pee expert!


Your Golden Oldie: How Exercise Improves Senior Pet Health

Dog waits for treatThere’s no question that pets make us happier and healthier, so how can we repay the favor? While exercising young pets is a given, those daily adventures and playtime shenanigans can become afterthoughts as our pets age. Alternatively, older pets can still behave like a puppy or kitten, leading to overexertion or injury.

So how much exercise is optimal to support senior pet health? What activities should be avoided? Let Shelden Veterinary Care answer some of these questions for you!