The Advantages of Pet Dental Radiology in Diagnosis

Dental problems are among the most common detriments to the health and wellbeing of pets. An estimated 70-80% of all cats and dogs have some level of dental disease by age 3, making pet dental radiology and examinations a crucial component of veterinary care.

What Makes Pet Dental Radiology So Important

Dental radiology allows us to find problems occurring below your pet’s gum line. Modern digital x-rays allow us to capture images of the mouth, teeth, and jaw. Continue…

Pet Dental Care At Shelden Veterinary Care: Keeping Your Pet Smiling

A close-up of a dog's mouth pantingResearch shows that 70-80% of pets over age three have some form of dental disease (inflammation of the gums caused by tartar buildup). If left untreated, dental disease can lead to pain and tooth loss. Because dental disease is essentially an infection in your pet’s mouth, it can spread to the heart, liver, and kidney, resulting in failure of these major organs.

At Shelden Veterinary Care, our goal is to keep your pet’s mouth healthy, pain-free, and to preserve all of his or her teeth. It’s really that simple! Continue…

After the Dental Cleaning: At Home Pet Dental Care

Dog mouth with excellent white teethIt’s no surprise that most pet owners are reluctant to tackle the toothbrush when it comes to a fur friend – and especially feline fur friends. But consistent pet dental care and oral hygiene are essential to keeping your pet’s teeth and gums free from dangerous plaque and tartar.

After those important oral examinations and dental cleanings, you have a great opportunity to maintain your pet’s health by following a few simple steps to keeping that smile bright and disease-free. Continue…