Oh Sugar, Sugar: What You Need to Know About Diabetes in Pets

Shelden_iStock_000001958200_LargeWhile animals are different from people on many levels, there are many similarities as well. Unfortunately, one of these similarities is the ability to develop diabetes. Many people struggle with this condition, as do about 1 in 500 pets. So what do you need to know about diabetes in pets? Keep reading to learn about this disease and how to recognize it.

Diabetes Basics

Diabetes mellitus is the most common form of diabetes in pets, and is also known as “sugar diabetes.” It involves the ability of the body to produce and utilize insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, that allows the proper absorption of carbohydrates, in the form of sugar (or glucose) into the body’s cells. In some animals the body simply does not produce enough of its own insulin (most common in dogs). In others, the body produces insulin but the cells are unable to respond properly to it (most common in cats). Continue…